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King Size Slim papers can hold around 1 gram of material. 

King Size Slim Vibes papers comes with 33 papers Rolling Papers.

The Vibes Ultra Thin papers available in king size slim papers offer the best flavour.

33 Papers Per Booklet standard length with slow-burning

Cut and kitted in the Dominican Republic and Crafted in France.

OCB Premium Gold King Size Slims.

Premium quality ultra thin Papers made from flax plant fibers 100% Natural Arabic Gum.

Slow Burning with every session

Raw slim black rolling papers are perfectly thin.

Using these thin paper you’ll experience more of your material’s full of flavour.

SNOOP DOGG King Size Slim Rolling Paper

These kingsize slim thin papers are easy to roll, gives slow and even sessions.

Unbleached rolling paper, made from the Finest Arabic Gum.

Bob Marley pure hemp Rolling paper is one of the most popular brands of rolling paper there is.

Made with a natural based gum 100% natural construction.

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